The Pivot Project - Real Life Case Study and The Wisdom Learned

When and where
Event Date: 
Wednesday, July 15, 2020
10:00 am - 11:00 am
Event Location: 
Online Webinar at Women’s Business Center Office in Redding
Redding, CA 96067

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  • Has COVID-19 required you to consider closing your doors or doing a complete 180-degree turn in your business?
  • Are you seeing a shift start to take place in your market and wondering how to proactively approach it rather that reactively?
  • Have you been feeling a strong desire to shift some major things around your business and/or your life and just aren’t quite sure where to start?

Join us for this interactive webinar where you will hear the story of Ecowood. Colette George will pull back the curtain and transparently share the 4 MAJOR pivots they went through as owners and share lessons they learned through each.

Then we will open the lines to jump in the hot seat and ask for advice from one of the best strategic business planning coaches around.

Topics covered:

  • What actions were taken to navigate Ecowood through the economic crash of 2008?
  • What options are there when you face the need to completely relocate a business?
  • How can you identify the right exit strategy and identify the right “other” opportunities?
Event type: 
Online event